Learn About The 10 Smartest Animals In The World


 Learn About The 10 Smartest Animals In The World

Earth News / The intelligence of some animals is different from others because the level of intelligence varies from animal to animal, elephants, chimpanzees, crows, pigeons, mice, pigs, dolphins and octopuses are among the smartest animals, according to the French" A list published on the Geography website.

Learn About The 10 Smartest Animals In The World

1- Chimpanzee

Chimpanzees share 98 percent of our DNA with humans and are extremely intelligent animals, according to the site, explaining that the ape is self-aware, able to recognize itself in a mirror, and to judge the intentions of others and act accordingly reaction. Likes to express displeasure.

Chimpanzees know how to make and use tools, pass their "culture" on to their offspring, have the ability to heal themselves, rid themselves of parasites, learn from their mistakes, and can recognize human writing or learn sign language.

2- Great Ape

Like chimpanzees, the great ape known as the "orangutan" is one of the smartest animals, it can learn sign language and also knows how to use tools, so some people can teach themselves how to use it without learning from others, which is Very complex behavior, he said. scientists.

3 - Pigeon

Pigeons are known for their superb memory, able to recognize people and places months or even years after they have been visited.

4- Elephant

As for the elephant, its memory is exemplary and it has the largest brain of any wild animal, weighing around 5kg.

Elephants have a complex social life as they are particularly known for mourning dead animals as herds gather around the remains of dead animals and grope for them, even returning to the scene of an accident months later Touch the bones.

Mother elephants also reportedly pass on knowledge to their offspring, such as using tools and plants to heal or induce labor.

Elephants also know they are being killed for their tusks, experts say, and have observed tusked elephants trying to hide in vegetation when humans arrived.

5- parrot

The Gabonese gray parrot is one of the most intelligent birds, with some scientists believing it has the intelligence of a five-year-old child, capable of producing a large number of vocalizations. Gabonese gray parrots are especially gifted and can utter nearly 1,000 different words.

6- Dolphins

According to a recent study, dolphins "possess a much larger brain than is required for the basic functions of their bodies," and are the most intelligent animals living in the ocean, with social skills and curiosity comparable to those of humans.

Moreover, dolphins have their own personalities, can recognize themselves in the mirror, and know how to use this tool to check their bodies and identify unknown signs, and dolphins can also learn, complex language, and very high emotional development.

7- Crow

Crows can predict the future, a complex cognitive exercise, and they have the ability to use tools to eat and even design those tools.

Crows are characterized by the ability to develop complex collective tactics, especially self-defense, have an excellent memory, they also, like elephants, know how to change migration patterns to avoid dangerous areas, and are able to recognize and distinguish human faces .


Octopuses are known for their astonishing intelligence, and the Academy Award-winning documentary "The Wisdom of Octopuses" depicts the friendship between the animal and its protagonist.

Although it is a mollusc, the octopus is believed to have intelligence similar to that of a dog, it is able to camouflage itself by taking on the appearance of a rock or shell, and has also developed techniques for evading predators, and may resort to it in an octopus chase Climb up the shark's back until it becomes out of reach.

9- mouse

The rat's intelligence is evident in its ability to find its way through a maze or remember the details of its path, and perform complex tasks.

10- pig

As for pigs, scientists say they are very sensitive, dexterous, curious and intelligent, and know how to solve problems and use things quickly.

Research has shown that pigs know how to mislead each other when hunting for food, deliberately putting each other in the wrong lane to get a bigger share.

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